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Dr. Gregory Peters

San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SF-CESS)
San Francisco
Dr. Gregory Peters is a school reform leader with a longstanding history working within both local and national efforts. As principal of San Francisco's Leadership High School, Gregory and his teachers effectively created a National Demonstration and Mentor School that made progress in closing the racial achievement gap and was “highly commended for… graduating all their students – of every race/ ethnicity – University of California eligible.” Building from his successful experiences and results, Gregory now leads the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools, established in 2005, which is committed “to interrupt and transform current and systemic educational inequities to ensure all students have access to personalized, equitable and high performing schools that believe and demonstrate each student can, should and will succeed.” Towards this mission, Gregory facilitates equity-focused, educational transformation throughout the nation. Gregory’s instructional expertise and leadership in curriculum and school design; data based inquiry; and equity-centered professional development have resulted in a number recognitions including CESN’s “Commitment to Equity Award” and CANEC’s “Innovations in Excellence Award.” Gregory earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Social Justice from California State University East Bay in 2012; his dissertation focused on Teacher Transformation.